"Them Or Me" (7", Apt, UK, 1979)
 "Hungry, So Angry"/"Nadsat Dream" (7", Cherry Red, UK, 1981)
"Hungry, So Angry" (4-track 12" EP, Cachalot, USA, 1981)
"If You Touched Her She'd Smear"/"Splendid Isolation"/"7th Floor" (2-track 7" & 3-track 12" EP, Sound Products, Holland & Intercord, Germany, 1982)
"Hungry, So Angry" b/w The Monks: "I Can Do Anything" (Punk Disco Beat, UK, 2004)
"Hungry, So Angry" (live version) b/w Armando: "151" (alternate version)
(Supersound, UK, 2007)


"The Glitterhouse" (LP, Cherry Red, UK, 1981)
 "Live in Holland" (LP/CD, Trance/LINE, Germany, 1988)
 "The Glitterhouse & Plus" (LP/CD, Trance/LINE, Germany, 1988)
 "Hungry, So Angry" (15-track retrospective enhanced CD, Cherry Red, UK, 2001)


"Them Or Me" is included on:
"Hicks From The Sticks" (Rockburgh, UK, 1980)
Reissued as: "Future Shock" (Thunderbolt, UK, 1985)
"Hungry, So Angry" is included on:
"Frictions - Disco Select" (Virgin France, 1981)
"Sex, Sweat & Blood" (Beggars Banquet, UK, 1982)
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"Made in Britain: The Sound of a New England 1977-1983" (free with MOJO
magazine, UK 2005)
DJ Morpheus: "I Can't Live Without My Radio" (Tigersushi, Europe, 2005)
"Peanut Butter Wolf with Bass Your Car Streets and Party Fresh Beats"
(mixtape, USA, 2005)

"I'll Give You My Heart" - The Cherry Red Records Singles Collection 1978-1983 (Cherry Red, UK, 2008)
"Mice or Monsters" is included on:
"Headman Presents Dance Modern" (Eskimo Recordings, Belgium, 2004)
"Headman Presents Dance Modern" - limited edition vinyl 12" (Eskimo Recordings, Belgium, 2004)
"Nadsat Dream" is included on:
"Der Sampler 28" (LINE, Germany 1988)
"7th Floor" is included on:
"Der Sampler 31" (LINE, Germany 1989)


"Hungry, So Angry" promo video is included on:
"Pillows & Prayers" (Cherry Red, UK, 2003)
"Pillows & Prayers: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" (Teichiku, Japan, 2003)


"Pillows & Prayers - Cherry Red Records 1981-1984" - 25th anniversary CD/DVD
box set (Cherry Red, UK, 2008)